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Devops and D4T Deployment

Hey guys


So I've been using Dataverse for Teams quite intensively and I like the idea of having a REAL relational database for your data (compared to SharePoint). I'm aware of the limitations, especially about no API's for D4T Teams, but I was still wondering whether it is possible to leverage D4T Solutions in Devops? I started with the basic one - that is exporting a package - and I already got stuck there.


Meaning, to authenticate to the environment I need:

- Environment URL

- User Name & Password


As for the environment URL, I realized you can't get it by going to the Power Platform Admin Center --> Click on Environment Name and then get the Environment URL from there. However, thanks to a post I've found, I figured you could get it by opening up Power Apps in MS Teams, click on the About tab, click on Session Details and get the Instance URL from there (though, is it really the right one?).
When I'm trying to open this URL, I'm stuck in a refresh loop (probably due to the D4T limitations), meaning, I can't create a Service Principal... right? Even though this kinda sucks (--> MFA), this is anyway fine by me for now, as I can simply use a Generic Authentication in DevOps for the time being (hopefully not forever...).


BUT... and here it comes...

I'm stuck with the Power Platform Export Solution step. My DevOps pipeline throws the error:

##[error]Failed to connect to instance: Please verify your credentials for *** and instance url.
The generic username & password are correct, so I assume it has something to do with the URL.
Does anyone know if DevOps really is allowed to connect to mentioned D4T *** URL? 
Thanks for your time and cheers!

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Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hello @FabianAckeret,


Interesting approach and thank you for sharing. My guess is that Microsoft is blocking you from using the "Advanced settings" of D4T environments.

In our organization, we have different D4T environments. I used the approach described by you to retrieve the org URL. When I selected different components from different environments and click on the session details, the CRM URL is changing. However, when I'm trying to sign in to these environments through my browser, I'm getting stuck in the loop you mentioned.

This would make sense, though: for D4T environments, you can only see a very limited subset of the settings available in a "normal" Dataverse environment:

I don't think this is simply a problem of the user role, since you should have the System Administrator role in the environment if you are the owner of the team or a Power Platform Admin. Microsoft has very likely stripped down the settings or at least removed access to them even for admins. Apparently we do not even have the ability to navigate to the "classic" settings.

And I would assume that this is also why your sign in attempt through DevOps is failing. However, I hope this is going to change in the future - being able to include D4T environments in ALM would be a great feature for professional app design.

Not sure if this is interesting for you, but I think I succeeded in manually importing a solution into a D4T environment though.

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Hi @joe_hannes_col 

Thanks for your response.

Yes, manually importing a solution into a D4T environment is possible. I just wanted to have an automated approach 🙂
I also think it might be due to the limitation and nature of D4T environments, but then I also found this blog post from Microsoft, stating:

Dataverse for Teams:
Increase scale and efficiency by quickly developing applications, processes, and reusable data schemes. Also, easily build, validate, and deploy your applications using GitHub and Azure DevOps.

@EricRegnier @ChrisPiasecki 
What is your opinion on this if I may ask?

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Hi @FabianAckeret,
Because we can't get the DV4T org unique name (or full URL), plus API limitations CI/CD via Azure DevOps or GitHub Actions are not supported yet, at least from what I've seen so far. I wouldn't be surprise that this would become available soon as it is key requirements for entreprises. I guess we'll just have to be patient... Feel free to submit the idea though if it doesn't exist already at: and I'll vote!

Hi @EricRegnier 

Thanks for your response. 
I was a bit short on time, but I created the idea 🙂

Link to idea

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