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Do per app licenses get reassigned?

Sorry for yet another licensing question!

From my understanding, Per App licenses sit at the environment and aren't assigned to a user until they actually use the app. Do the license assignments reset each month? 


For my use case, my organization has 600 people using the app, but only 50 people on average will actually access the Power App/Dataverse table each month. Can I just use 50 licenses that get reassigned each month? Or will I need 600 licenses because used licenses can't be reassigned each month?

Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi @AveryLesser, in Office 365 you can reassign licenses anytime, no need to wait one month. Just ensure that the license is assigned when the user need it. In an app that use Dataverse, the license must be per user or per app. Check the licensing guide:  

New Member

Thank you for the response. I'm specifically asking about Power Apps with Dataverse Connector using Per App licensing. I'm reading your link, I don't see anywhere that it talks about reassigning Per App licenses and if there's a way to automatically reassign licenses to who is actually using the app.

Ahhh ok. In your original post don't talk about to reassign automatically. I really don't think that is possible. Maybe you can explore the Azure AD console: How to automatically assign Office 365 licenses to users based on groups | 2 Azure.

Hi @AveryLesser, please check the post below  App pass auto-assignment process.

@Jaimé asks about licensing for power app per app plan and @ChrisPiasecki clarifies how to work the license assignment. Explains that the license is assigned when the app is shared, not when is acceded it. So, you need to explore the way on how to manage your  sharing process, maybe you can share the app to an Azure Ad Group and use a rule in Azure AD in a dynamic group to maintain its membership

Super User
Super User

@AveryLesser it is a common misunderstanding that app passes are only consumed when an app is used. They are consumed when the app is shared as @CamiloLuque points out in the link shared above.


If you want to have app licenses consumed based on usage then you should look at pay-as-you-go licensing 

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