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Duplicating DLP's

I wanted to check that  I'm approaching this the right way and haven't missed something.... 


We have a default DLP which is applied to the default and newly created environments. However, whenever someone wants a custom connector in their prod environment, a new DLP has to be created to allow it. This requires all 50ish connectors from the default DLP to be added to this new DLP, along with the custom connector. 

I find it frustrating the DLP's are exclusive not inclusive.  Now... every time we make a change to the default DLP, whenever a new Microsoft connector is added or changed, we have to update every other DLP!!!! I find this counter productive.


1. Is there a way to copy DLP's?   I'm currently sitting here with split screens, with the new and old side by side manually mirroring the business connectors.   I'm pondering creating a powershell script... 


2. Am I correct with the "exclusive" aspect? What's the logic with this?  Shouldn't it be that you have a base level DLP which applies across the board and in Environment X, you can also use connector Y granted by an additional DLP?  This would be a more common scenario than needing to reduce/restrict the default DLP connectors.

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In the interest of anyone else trying to figure this out i finally got something that works. It creates a new environment and copies a DLP of your choice to that env. The new DLP sets the default connector group to blocked also.


Bare in mind i haven't ever worked in Powershell, or with the PowerAppsAdmin module, before. I make no assertions around the following and you should test them yourself before using them.


2 files are attached:

  1. 'function Add-ConnectorToDataGroup_v2'.txt' - run this first to create the requisite functions (you may have to run the commented install, import & add commands in 'NewEnvAndDlp_v1.txt' first).
  2. 'NewEnvAndDlp_v1.txt' - run this, it will prompt you for new environment name & description, new DLP name and the name of the DLP you want to copy [hint: this performs a search of type *query* on existing policies, my standard DLP is called 'Restricted(Default) - DLP' so i can simply enter 'default' ] .  Make sure that the return codes you get are of the '200' type (as shown in attached image 'Expected.png'). 







Resolver I
Resolver I

Looks so much better than what I've got.  Kinda happy I didn't share 😄

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