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Embed PowerApps from a different tenant on a SharePoint page

I tried to embed a PowerApps application from a different tenant on my SharePoint Online Page using the Embed webpart.

I am passing the app Id and the tenantId in the iframe source.

I also added the current logged-in user as a guest in the other tenant and also I shared the PowerApp with him.


First time the App was loaded successfully, but then after a few refreshes, I got the message: "Sorry, we didn’t find that app."

The issue is sporadic.


I am using Chrome.


Vlad Schiop 


Does anyone experienced this issue before? Is this a known issue?




Community Support
Community Support

Re: Embed PowerApps from a different tenant on a SharePoint page

Hi @vladschiop1 ,


Can you share more error information? you can click More button to get more description.

Annotation 2019-11-07 170434.png

Can you check if you have permission to open that app in PowerApps?

I ever saw that someone had met the same issue, when he redid all the procedures, the apps can be open well magically.

If there is no permission and license problem, please try to delete embed PowerApps and re-add it again.

Best regards,


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Re: Embed PowerApps from a different tenant on a SharePoint page

The error says: The application '<App Id>' could not be found in the tenant '<Tenant Id>'.
Session ID: <Session Id>

<Tenant Id> is not the one specified into the query string parameter, but the id of the current tenant.
So, it is trying to look for the specified <App Id> into the current tenant and not into the one set into the iframe's source.

The iframe looks like this:
<iframe allow="geolocation;camera;" sandbox="allow-popups allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-forms allow-orientation-lock" src=";source=iframe&amp;enableOnBehalfOf... Id]&amp;tenantid=[app's tenant Id]&amp;screenColor=rgba(192,57,43,1)&amp;user=2"></iframe>


Still, the problem is sporadic. After refreshing the page multiple times, the app might load successfully.

I have multiple PowerApps embedded on the page, same behavior for all.


Any ideas?

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