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How to get data accross environments



I have two environments in the same tenant, and I want to share Dataverse tables between them. How should I do this?


I have been looking at the (preview) "Virtual Connectors", but I don't get it working with dataverse...

I have already created a dataflow that duplicates data from one environment into the other, but that seems overkill since that duplicates the data in both dataverses...

Or is it impossible and I should not have two separate environments to begin with? Should I try to merge them into one?


Thanks for your help.

Super User
Super User

Hi @KoenJanssensPD,


This is not an uncommon scenario, and there's a lot of factors to consider when deciding between separating environments, like dependencies between solutions, security, criticality, etc. 


Using Virtual Tables is one viable option. You'll need to handle the Dataverse Web API OAuth authentication yourself in the Plugin code since the current virtual providers / virtual connectors don't yet provide this out of box just yet, but hopefully they will eventually.


The other option is replicating the data as you mention, either with Dataflows, Power Automate, Logic Apps, or Azure Data Factory. Each has their pros/cons depending on how many tables, volume of data, and the relationships.


Sorry if there is no clear answer, neither solution is wrong, one will just be better than the other depending on your scenario.


Hope this helps. 


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Hi @ChrisPiasecki , thank you for your time to answer.

You basically explained what I was "afraid" for, that it is a common use case, but no common answer 🙂

I will stick with two separate environments, one Dataverse environment that handles rapidly changing data, and one Dynamics Sales environment that takes aggregate data at regular intervals from the first one...

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