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Import solution - connector issues

Hi All,

I have developed a canvas app which uses few power automate flow triggered from app. All flows, app, componetnts, custom entities and security roles are added to same solution.

Now i try to import solution from Dev environtment to Test environtment. After import i take a few steps:

  1. Turn on all flows(some of them are turned off, other turn on even though they are all turned on on Dev environment)
  2. Reconnect flows in canvas app
  3. Share app with testers (as Co-owners)
  4. Set then correct security roles (I gave them sys admin and few custom roles)


After all this steps testers are able to see app on Test environemnt and run it, but when they try to perform some actions using flows they get 401:



When we looked a little deeper and tester go to power apps studi and try to connect flow by himself, he get another errors:
 Connector Failes.PNG

Inside a flow all ours connectors(excel, cds and outlook) won't work. Only when tester go to flow edit them (set connectors on start) and save he are able to using this app. 

I cannot expect end users to that they will edit our flow and set up connectors. It is posibble to share connetors to flow between users ? Can i set some connector as default and force other users to use it? Or is there any other solution to this issue ?

Let me know if any additional information is required.

Thank you


Hello @Syler42 



Few days ago, Microsoft announce a new feature for this issue :


Hope this can solve your issue!


When this features will be implemented ?
It is possible to check this features already ? 



Hello @syler !


You can check this here, nowadays, we just have the early access at Aug 2020:


Hope this can be implement soon.


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