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Importing solution fails as it requires the "Active" solution - Urgent

Hi guys,

I am trying to import my solution from dev environment to production. Previously, I didn't have any problem with this action, but now I get the following error:


I assume, this "Active" solution must be some internal solution, as I couldn't find it in any of my environments. 

Additional info: this solution requires integration with Business Central, however, I solved these dependency issues (it requires then the solutions "MicrosoftDynamicsNavIntegration" and "bcbi_CdsBaseIntegration", which are already there).
Furthermore, the solution includes the Dynamics Customer Service Hub as well.

Edit: by testing it with a dummy solution, I face the same error if the Dynamics Customer Service Hub is included in the solution, but without that app, it works.

Thank you for any input! It is kind of urgent now!:)
Have a great day,

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Scrub that previous post. There is an issue in the Import routine of which shows that you have an error with the Active Solution without telling you what the actual issue is - which is likely to be a missing dependency in your solution.


To identify the issue - you need to start off at the old All solutions page in the advanced settings so and kick off the import from there. That will bring up the actual issue in a way that can be fixed.

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Thanks for the tip!

Unfortunately, I got there the same message, but in different formulation, i.e. "The following components are missing in your system and are not included in the solution. Import the managed solutions that contain these components (Active) and then try importing this solution again."

I found another thread with this message, but there was no real solution found. 

As I said before the way to identify the issue is to use the old solution import routine within Dynamics 365 advanced settings - I did that yesterday to resolve the issue we had importing a solution.

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Given that I'm seeing other people with the same problem I've added a blogpost about it at

If this post has answered your question please consider it for "Accept as Solution" or if it has been helpful give it a "Thumbs Up".
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I had this issue with a solution that contained only Power Automate flows. To solve this I exported the solution from the Classic interface. This then told me that there were missing dependencies in the solution and what they were, it also told me that I could add the dependencies in the solution by editing the solution (in Classic mode) and using the "Add required components" button 


I did this for each Flow in the solution, saved the solution then exported it, there were no issues on the export. I then imported into another environment successfully.






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