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Is a "Power Apps for Admin" connection not shareable?

I've spent the better part of today building an app that will allow some of our business-side leaders to view what Power Apps are deployed into their respective Environments (we have one environment per business function). These are people like Finance Managers, HR Managers, etc. They do not have Admin role in any of the environments - nor should they


So I built the App, and created a Flow using an Application account that has System Admin in all of these environments so that I can use the Power Apps for Admins - Get Admin Apps action.


Everything is working great.... however, I can't share the Power Apps for Admin connection with anyone else. I get the following error, even when trying to share it using the account that owns the Connection:

The connection with id '/providers/Microsoft.PowerApps/apis/shared_powerappsforadmins/connections/shared-powerappsfora-dcffd2bb-0164-417c-a49e-206b2f1accdc' of type 'powerappsforadmins' cannot be shared.


Is this Connection type (Power Apps for Admins) just not shareable at all

Super User
Super User


From the error message it looks like it is not shareable.

Why do you need to share the connection in the first place? I assume the app is calling the flow? In the flow you can set up the Run Only User settings such that the Power Apps for Admin connection always uses the connection you have set up

Thanks for the reply, @HSheild. Unfortunately I don't see the Run Only user option in the Flow either... I've got the Owners section and immediately below it is the Solutions section. 


Since I never got the "you are implicitly sharing a connection" warning message when sharing the app, I was going to try sharing the connection directly.

no run only option.png

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Super User

Hi @BEJONES , what is the trigger for the flow? Usually if you have the app calling the flow directly (i.e. an instant triggered  flow) you will get the Run Only Users option.


Would be good to understand how the data from the flow is visible to the end users in the app.

Here is the entirety of the flow - trigger is a button click in a Canvas app, which passes the environment ID to retrieve apps from. The Flow then returns the Power App for Admins payload in a Response action.


flow actions.png

On the Canvas app, I'm just displaying details about each app (name, link, owner, created, modified, shared user count and shared group count) inside of a gallery - that's it. There's a drop down to select which environment to get apps for, and the button that triggers the flow is only enabled if the app user belongs to the appropriate AAD group. Nothing fancy or complicated. 

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