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Issue creating a new environment



I am very new to power apps and my question might by quite naiv.

What I have:  Office 365 business; I played around with power apps and created a (default) environment

What I tried to do:  create a new environment for a training.

The issue:  I get an error message saying "either your plan doesn't support the environment type selected or you've reached the limit for that type of environment".


Now, I read the "standard" answer (, but I don't understand it.

- how do I check what plan I have?

- what is the "quota"? Is it really just one? (I have one environment which I cannot even delete as it is "default")


I would appreciate if someone could shed some light into this matter for me.

And if someone has a recommendation how to get a good overview of all the power tools (power query, pivot, bi, apps, automate etc.) I would be much obliged.




Dual Super User
Dual Super User

First, that's an old post and the licensing changed on October 1.  So those answers probably don't apply to you.  You can read about the new Capacity based licensing for environments here:


The Power Platform admin center mentioned in the article will show you how much capacity you have.  To create a new environment with a CDS database requires 1 GB of free database storage. In the Power Platform Admin center you can also create an environment without a database.


Another reason you might not be able to create an additional database is that you are on a Trial.  Trials don't allow the creation of an additional environment.

You can check your plan by clicking on the gear menu when you are in PowerApps (before launching the designer).  In that menu you will see an entry for Plan.  That will list out the licenses you have applied.



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