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Licencing trouble

Hey folks, I am confused about the licencing of using powerapps, power automate, power BI and all things power. I currently hold the Power BI pro, power automate premium, a Microsoft 365 E3 as well as E5 security licence. In trial things works great but after a while I hit a paywall. I cant push my projects as an internal business case when there is no understanding of the costs associated with the products. 



This morning I hit this one, the app uses power automate, but I thought this would be covered with the power automate premium licence. If you have experiences or information around this topic please contact me so I can get a better understanding and hopefully drive adoption of these technologies in my business. Unfortunately my impact remains surprisingly low despite all the time and money I throw at this, and I cant justify spending more of it without a better understanding of the underlying structure of plans and pricings and licences and whatnot. 
I am in dire need of assistance on this so again, I would appreciate some information on this. 

Regards, tj




Hi @Anonymous 


Is your Power App connecting to a premium connector or the Common Data Service via Power Automate? It is often better to purchase a Power Apps plan license which gives you access to Power Automate (in the context of the apps you are building). A Power Automate license does not give you access to premium Power Apps features.


What app scenarios do you have? If you let me know than I will be able to help guide you on what licenses you will need 

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Thank you for your response @HSheild  

I believe "Populate word template" and" convert word to pdf" is premium connectors. I can try restructuring my flow so that it does not use premium connectors. At the same time if feels a bit silly as I am paying for the power automate premium 😛 

We are in early discovery mode and are trying out different solutions to better serve internal use cases, and I have been spending some time learning the power platform (its a lot to know all 4 but I have made some progress in automate, BI and Apps). 

Right now I am building several small apps. One for onboarding, one for applications ordering, one for equipment ordering, and one for approvals of purchases.  In our quest to build some smartness into our customer facing endpoints (to many forms and error prone in-data possibilities) I have been arguing for a closer look at the utilization of the power platform. This can be a great way to deliver quick solutions and meet needs in a fundamentally different way where we can reuse and integrate our data across the organization. Our customer body is largely internal users, but it is a large and diverse crowd, as we are creeping towards 10 000 users in total. 

Per my understanding the Microsoft 365 E3 licence comes with 2000 runs of power automate per user, CDS and out of the box powerapps. I myself have got the premium licence for power automate and pro licence for power bi. 

Some of the processes and task we hope to achieve is to move some data around, and then present that data to our customer body in various ways. My thinking was that the tasks of moving of the data can be processes that can be linked to my user or users with premium licences, so that it can be consumed by users with a regular E3 licence. 

How can I get a better understanding of what data invokes what features, and to build features in a way that our customer body can consume with their E3 licence? 
How can I present a convincing and coherent model for moving forward with the power platform in our organization, and what do I need to think about and understand to make a convincing case? 

Thanks again for your input. 




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