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Migrate Canvas Apps from Dev to Prod Environment (different tenants) Best Practices

Hi PowerApps Community,


Any good tips or best practices on migrating dev canvas to prod canvas on the different tenants?



  1. I have two canvas apps on different tenants (DEV and PROD tenants).
  2. The database used is SharePoint List.
  3. One is DEV and the other PROD
  4. I am modifying/updating the DEV canvas most of the time.
  5. Any ways I can transfer/migrate the changes to PROD tenants canvas?
  6. Also, there are connections like gateway/connectors/PowerAutomate Flows
  7. Every time when migrate I need to reconfigure PowerAutomate's SharePoint URL link to point to new tenants' SharePoint.



Super User
Super User

Hi @Hao_Mc 


Use Solutions to package all of your components (app, flows, connection references etc.).  You can then export the solution from Dev and import it into Prod. 


To avoid having to reconfigure the SharePoint URL you should use Connection References for your flows and data source environment variables for the canvas apps.

Hi @HSheild 


Thank you for the answer.


I still have one question, if I am using SharePoint list as database, can I include it inside the solution? or do I need to manually export the SharePoint list from the DEV tenant to the PROD tenant? 



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Super User

Hi @Hao_Mc ,


Are dev and prod two different environments in same tenant or they exist in different tenant??


Please follow this link -

 to export and and import app package from one environment to another.


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Hi @DeviKrishna 


My DEV and PROD exist in different tenants (with different domain name).



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I have the same problem. I would like to migrate a simple app from one tenant to another tenant. This app has one connection to a SharePoint list. I am following the procedure to export and import solutions by using environmental variables which are pointing to the list.

I have set the variables to the new environment but when I am trying to access the list from the power app studio (inside the app) I am getting an error message:

"That didn't work

We're sorry, but can't be found in the directory. Please try again later, while we try to automatically fix this for you."
Thereby is the target tenant owner, is the developer site.
My question: Do I need special steps to move to another tenant or should that work as a migration to another environment in the same tenant?

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