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Need a PowerApps licensing recommendation


I'm new to PowerApps and need some help.  I have a client thinking about PowerApps as a solution.  Development will be performed by 2 people and the resulting application will be used by approximately 1000 end users.  All the users are inside the firewall.  They are running Office 365.  I looked over the pricing information online but an still a little confused.

  • Are licenses required for developer AND end users?
  • If I start out with Standard PowerApps how do I upgrade to Premium to get access to more connectors?

I need to give them a cost estimate before moving forward.



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Despite there's no right/wrong answer to your question (because it all depends), what I commonly see in scenarios like yours is starting with Dataverse for Teams with standard connectors and building Apps for teams. That way, users are covered by their Microsoft 365 license.

When you need premium connectors or more capacity (DV for teams supports up to 2gb and 1M records and has other limitations), in that case, you need a Per user (or per App) license. Both for users as well as app makers.

Here's a compelling explanation of the limitations of the DV for Teams environments and the upgrade process:

The upgrade can be performed by a tenant admin and is a 'simple process' but bear in mind it's a one-way, no-rollback process and now any app built within that Team will require a per-user / per-app license by users to access them.

My 2 cents. Hope it helps.



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Hi @DBSTJC , if you have 1,000 users for a Power App I would advise that you get some expert advice on how to architect and license this scenario.  There are a number of things to consider like what will the 1,000 users will be doing with the app, how often they will be doing it, where data is stored, what services will the app connect to, how critical is the app to the business etc.  You need to make sure that your designed solution will scale to 1,000 users.  I've seen situations before where people spend months developing an app only for it not to scale because it hasn't been designed or implemented properly.

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Thanks Everyone.  I appreciate it.  Terry

@DBSTJC , this new pricing model for PowerApps may be useful for your situation.


Hope that helps,


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