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Onboarding Template Setup Trouble

Hello, I've tried setting up the onboarding template, however I don't see any opportunity (or documentation) to assign an Excel file in which to save the data for the app. Therefore, once I install and publish it, it looks great! Even embeds into Microsoft Teams, which is what I'm trying to do--however, whenever I make changes (like Company Name) it always reverts back to the default.


Am I missing a step during installation? Is there better documentation somewhere?


Appreciate your help!

Peter McDermott
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @PeterGMcDermott ,

Could you please share a bit more about your scenario?

Do you means that you could not make some changes within the template app?

Further, do you make this template app as your own app on your side?


The user @skidmarks64 has faced same issue with you, please check my response within the following thread:


On your side, please check if you have saved this template app as your own app within your PowerApps. Please consider take a try to click "Make my own app" option to save this template app as your own app, then re-load your saved app. After that, you could make some changes to your own app.

Please also consider check the attached GIF screenshot for more details:


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Thank you for your response @v-xida-msft ,


I've followed the steps included in your GIF very carefully. Each time I make a change (for example the Comapny Name) it defaults back to the original value (Fabrikam). So the app appears to be working, but none of the data is being saved.

Peter McDermott

@PeterGMcDermott I'm running into the same issue with the company name not saving or anything. Did you ever figure out a fix or the reason why it wasn't working for you? 

No, I gave up.

Peter McDermott

I'm facing the same challenge, has anyone gotten this template to work?  

Yes I did! Turns out that the template uses a collection defined in the "App" screen of the app. It's very annoying that they didn't mention you need to change it up. I had to break the app down completely to figure it out. Took so many hours I'll never get back... Thank you for reminding me to post here!

@PeterGMcDermott @v-xida-msft Here is the soultion as well in case you either find someone else with the issue or want to use the template again.

Here are the steps to get it working with the Excel file that it creates for you when you set it up:


1. Go to View --> Data Sources, click + Add data source and then find the Excel file that is created and load it. Click NO when it asks you if you want to replace the data for every header (VERY IMPORTANT)

Data Sources.PNG

2. Go to the "App" screen in the app (its the screen right before the "Welcome Screen"

  • This is where the variables and collections for the entire app are defined.


3. Expand the OnStart formula bar. You'll notice that there is a lot of "ClearCollect" for all the variables that are used in the app that are defined by string values. This is the reason why nothing you change in the app does anything!


Here is the code I changed it to. You might need to change it to fit your needs as I already made changes to the app as I need it:

    ClearCollect(Administrators, Administrators_1),
    ClearCollect(Tasks, Tasks_1),
    ClearCollect(TasksTwo, Tasks14),
    ClearCollect(TasksThree, Tasks1415),
    ClearCollect(TasksFour, Tasks141516),
    ClearCollect(TasksFive, Tasks14151617),
    ClearCollect(Resources, Resources_1),
    ClearCollect(Team, Team_1),
    ClearCollect(TeamLinks, TeamLinks_1);
    ClearCollect(Company, Company_1); 
    ClearCollect(CompanyLinks, CompanyLinks_1); 
    ClearCollect(LeadershipLinks, LeadershipLinks_1),
    ClearCollect(Leadership, Leadership_1),
    ClearCollect(FAQs, FAQs_1),
    ClearCollect(Contacts, Contacts_1),
    ClearCollect(ProfileStatus, ProfileStatus_1)


And viola! Any changes you make in the Excel sheet you linked in the earlier data source addition, will be reflected in the app now!

You will also need to add these data sources as they are not added automatically:


Data Sources to add.png


Once you do all the above, save the app, quit and relaunch it. Any formula errors should resolve themselves.

Let me know if you run into any trouble and I'll do my best to assist.


Edit: Fixed spelling mistakes

@Sveeramachaneni ;  What a luck that you responded to this issue just yesterday, as I started with powerapps for the very first time today, and I was facing this issue too...

I am really new on this, therefore, I think I am getting lost with your explanation...

I can see, you have substitute the "strings" by something else. But then, where do you create those to assign them to their right sections, and fill them with the text information?
(sorry if this sounds basic, I just started 😞 )

So, for example, currently we have the following:

ClearCollect(Team, {Name: "Marketing Team"})

You replace the code by:

ClearCollect(Team, Team_1)

Where have you created a variable called: Team_1, to assign it with your specific information?
And furthermore, when the String contains multiple data, like for example:

{Question: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do?", Answer: "Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum"} )

How do you insert all that info (Question; Anwer) in the variable?

Thank you very much!!!

I think, my main issue is that the app does NOT save any excel file. I did connect it to OneDrive for Bussiness at the beggining, when the option pop up in the top. But when I try to find the excel file, it is nowhere.... Has anybody had this same issue?

Yes I had the same issue. Any changes I wanted the app to save I had to make the changes by selecting app and editing the code in the function section. I have yet to find the excel spreadsheet to the app. The only spreadsheet that shows up is when you create your own version of the app.

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