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Helper I
Helper I

Power App triggered flow not exporting with managed and unmanaged solutions



I am trying to export a solution to a production environment as a managed solution. However I noticed that one of my flows, which is triggered by a button push from within the app, is not being included in the managed solution's APP. The flow is included with the solution, but the app does not have it. Please see the images below for proof.


Image 1: Unmanaged Solution - Development Environment - This is the App details page underneath the Flows tab. You can clearly see that the flow is connected to this app. The flow works as intended from the unmanaged solution app




Image 2: Managed Solution - Production Environment - This is the App details page underneath the Flows tab. You can see how there is no flow connected to this app. I am unable to edit and add the flow to the app because it is in a managed solution. The flow is in the solution's files but is never triggered by the button click.



Troubleshooting steps tried:

- reimport the solution

- add/remove the PowerApps trigger from the managed solution. (I can edit the flows in a managed solution, but not the apps)

- I also tried importing as an unmanaged solution, and I received the same results as the managed solution. But within the unmanaged solution I am able to re-add the flow to get it working.


Possible fix:

How do I edit a power app in a managed solution? That would allow me to fix it, but I do not think this is possible.



Please help! My temporary fix is running this as an unmanaged solution, but this breaks company policy on the production environment.


Advocate I
Advocate I

Thanks for reaching out. You are correct you cannot edit a component in a managed solution. So the only way to fix this is to have a unmanaged solution with the app changes to connect to the flow in the new environment. You could open a support ticket about this as the Flow should stay connected to the app when moved within the solution. However, it is common where the app has to redirected to the new Flow URL in the production environment. And that is done by creating an unmanaged solution in production. Sorry not a great answer, hopefully someone else on here might have a better work around. 

Helper I
Helper I

My team thought it had something to do with the PowerApps Trigger vs the PowerApps V2 Trigger.


After switching to the PowerApps V2 Trigger, the flow now exists in the Canvas App Details page underneath Flows. However, the flow will still not run when the button is pushed. So close!

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