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Resolver I
Resolver I

Power Automate use rights with a Power Apps per app plan

Hi All


I have been told by a MS technical help person that I can't edit some of my flows because they are outside the "context" of my model driven power app, but I am not sure if this is right, especially given some of examples in the MS documentation - for example these two from the Dec 2021 Power Platform Licensing Guide page 13....


Screenshot 2022-01-25 130029.jpg


I am the only user in my tenant (so am a global admin) and the only user of the app, I have a MS 365 Business Standard Licence and the environment containing my model driven app has a P Apps per app license so I can use the app - the app is within a solution.


When I go to the edit screen of the problem flows I get a message saying: 

Screenshot 2022-01-25 131006.jpg


The two flows I know I have issues with are as follows - what I want to know is are they "within the context" of my power app? From the examples above I think they should be. At the very least the triggers should be covered under my MS 365 license and the premium dataverse actions should be within the context of my app........ but each flow interacts with the data in my apps tables so, according to the examples, should be within the context of my app.


One of the flows is triggered when an email arrives in a shared mailbox, it parses the text in the email, creates two records in two tables in my dataverse database, archives the email and sends me an email to say it is done.


The other one is triggered when an MS Form is submitted - it uses information from the form to find the relevant record in one of my dataverse tables, starts an approval process and if approved uses the information from the form to update records in various of my dataverse tables.


For background, which may be useful, the entire solution was developed under the P Apps Community Plan and was then exported to a new sandbox environment last year, which is the one my power apps per app plan is linked to.





Super User
Super User

Hi @sdowse 


From what you have described the flows are in the context of the app and you shouldn’t be getting that error if the Power Apps per App pass is applied to the environment.


I would go back to Microsoft support and ask why they don’t think it is within context of the app.

Thanks for your help @HSheild - I've sent them a message and will post my results here in case they can be of any use to anyone else!

Resolver I
Resolver I

MS support have come back to me and said that only a flow with a Power Apps trigger (as per their screenshot below) can be said to be within the context of the app!


I have queried this as nowhere in the licensing guide or FAQs documents does it say this.


I'll keep you updated.




I’m 99% sure what you are doing with Power Automate is in context with the app, and what the MS Support person is telling you is not true - unless Microsoft have made some technical changes recently.  If I was you I would ask the MS Support person to escalate to his manager or the product team. 

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