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PowerApps Multiplexing

When using multiplexing each user MUST log in separately or can they use a shared account as long as each user has their own license?

We have a client who wants to have 30 users, and they have 5 devices. It is not a problem for the licenses, they will buy for all 30, but they do not want to buy 30 devices. Is this possible under Microsoft license terms, and is it possible for users to use the device without logging in?

Would they be legally covered? I have read the power apps multiplexing documentation but this is still not clear 

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Yes, they would be covered if you have 30 users and buy 30 licenses.  It doesn't matter if they are using a shared device in that case. Because only one user with a license is using the device at a time.  The login is a bit more of a grey area.  Someone has to be logged in to use the app.  Does it have to be the specific user using the app?  If everyone using the app has a license I don't think Microsoft is going to complain if the login is a shared one.  The key is whether the user using the app has a license or not.  Whether they are logged in as that user at the moment is probably not an issue at that point.

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