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Preview environment visible in CoE Power Platform



We have an old Preview environment that we are getting closer to actually deleting. One thing that we have noticed is that in CoE Power Platform the Preview environment is the only environment visible. The default environment named Upgrade is not visible. The number of apps and flows is a combination of the Preview environment and the default environment. In admin center they are both displaying.


Anyone know why this is happening and how we can get both environments showing in CoE? The two environments have the same EnvironmentName except for the beginning (so basically the same GUID). Will this cause any issue when we delete the Preview environment?2020-02-06_09-37-30.png2020-02-06_09-36-16.png2020-02-06_09-40-06.png

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Hello @Plinderoth,

This is an old post so you've probably sorted this, but just to confirm we had the same issue in the COE. The apps/flows built in the "default" environment were showing as being built in the "preview" environment on the records in the COE.

We had a "preview" environment and a "default" environment, plus others.

We first checked with the owners of the apps/flows in the "preview" environment to see if we could delete them, there were not many, and we deleted them.

We then deleted the "preview" environment. This caused no issues with the "default" environment.

If you haven't done this, and you don't feel confident, send a ticket into Microsoft and get their guidance.  

Thanks very much,


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