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Sharing PowerApps to external user.

Hi All, 


I created an app that uses Excel to feed some dropdowns in the app and capture the information submitted by the user back to another Excel. These Excels live in my OneDrive for Business. The app needs to be shared to a client who is not a member of our Microsoft environment for them to complete the forms in the app. In order to share the app and data source documents with the client, I added them to our environment as a guest through Azure. My questions are:


1. Since the Excel document feeding the lists and the other Excel document capturing the inputs live in my OneDrive for Business, if the client does not have a OneDrive for Business, will it not work for them even if I share these documents with them? 

2. If they don't have a PowerApps license, they won't be able to even use the app and that would mean we would have to add them to out PowerApps licensing for them to access the app or they would have to upgrade their licensing in order to access the app? 

3. Can I clone the app and give the client ownership of the App so that it lives entirely in their environment? 


Thank you so much for your help!! 

Super User
Super User

Hi @jesushernandez ,


This is an interesting scenario.

1. I am not 100% sure if this answer but I would imagine that if you can share the Excel documents with the user that should be enough for them to access it via the app regardless of whether they have OneDrive themselves or not. This would be easy to test out with your external user.

2. The external user needs a Power Apps license to access the app and this can be either with a license they have in their own tenant or one that you give to them in your tenant. In this case, if the app is just accessing Excel data then an appropriate Microsoft 365 license should be enough.

3. You can’t make an external user the owner of a Power App in your environment but you could export the app and get them to import into their own environment and they give you guest access. They would also need to host the Excel on their OneDrive and share this with you too so that you have access. You will not be able to be an owner/maker of the app if it is in their environment.



Thank you for your response! I had to do an export/import of the app for the client, however, with all tests with external users, the user was never able to complete the app since the dropdowns were just blank (excel feeding the dropdowns wasnt communicating with the app in their environment) and the data wasn't able to be received by the excel used as data source to receive the inputs. I made sure to add them as a guest in our environment, share the Excels to their OneDrive and made sure they have proper licensing. Still no luck. 

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