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Tracking User's record changes


Currently I have a form (as shown in picture):



On the left is "Gallery1" which contain the question group, on the right is "Gallery2" which contain all the questions specific to that group.

  • Questions are loaded from an entity call "QuestionList",
  • the toggle button "Yes/No" is currently loaded from an entity call "Response" and load answer based on the employeeID
  • When the toggle button is selected, OnSelection it will patch and update that emloyeeRecord
  • Each form is unqiue to the employee, (only load the employee record)


Question: what is the best way to track a record change? how do I go about aproaching this so that I can see the employee progress by looking at all the changes they made everytime they update their forms ( for example I want to track the employee and all the answer they've updated and the date they change the record) 



Community Support
Community Support



Can you share more details with you app?

1. what does toggle button use for? To show if the problem is answered or submit the answer?

2. which fields are contained in that emloyeeRecord?

I think you can create a "UpdateLog" entity to store each update made by users.  It contains employee ID,Qustion, Answer, Date  and more columns. When selecting the toggle button, not only update that emloyeeRecord, but also patch these fields to updatelog entity.


Hope this help.


Best regards,



Currently there is no Update button. Each toggle button is link to a column in employeeResponse table:

for example, when toggle change from "No" to "Yes"it will update that employee Record in the ËmployeeResponse table.


in the ËmployeeResponse: {EmployeeID, Q101, Q102, Q103....}


Toggle Button onSelect:

   L1QuestionNumber = "101",
   Patch([@ESM_L1EmployeeResponses],LookUp([@ESM_L1EmployeeResponses],EmployeeID = currentUser),{Q101:'Q101 (ESM_L1EmployeeResponses)'.Yes})


  L1QuestionNumber = "101",
  Patch([@ESM_L1EmployeeResponses],LookUp([@ESM_L1EmployeeResponses],EmployeeID = currentUser),{Q101:'Q101   (ESM_L1EmployeeResponses)'.No})



Currently I have five different forms each form update to a response entity:

FormL1, FormL2, FormL3, FormL4, FormL5
ResponseL1, ResponseL2, ResponseL2, ResponseL3, ResponseL4, ResponseL5


When employee click on FormL1 anychange made will be update to ResponseL1


each response entity already has many field (one column for one question)

[ResponseL1: EmployeeID, Q101, Q102,...Q164]

[ResponseL2: EmployeeID, Q201, Q202,...Q244]

[ResponseL3: EmployeeID, Q301, Q302,...Q350]


What I want is a way to track all the responses (so that I can use it to look at employee's progress later on)

Is there an easier way to create an UpdateLog but with not so many column? I would imagine I will have to create:
UpdateLog [employeeID, DateUpdate, Q101-Q164, Q201-Q244, Q301-Q350, Q401-Q420, Q501-Q530]

that would be a verybig UpdateLog entity.....




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