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Unable to Create New Prod Env: "At least 1GB capacity required" ?

I'm the GA for my tenant. Never had an issue creating environments before today. Only able to create Trial environment. Each time I try to create a Production env, I get the following error.
How do I troubleshoot this?

Thank you!


Yes, there have been a lot changes recently around the licensing.


The way I see it is...

If you have Office 365 then you have some access to Power Apps and Power Automate (Flow) where you can extend and make productivity apps for Office 365 applications.  You create these Power Apps and Flows in the Default environment (which every Office 365 tenant has).  If you want the ability to apply ALM practices and govern Power Apps and Flow using environments then you need to have a Power Apps license.


Note, that you can still create your own trial and community environments but they are more for experimenting and have limitations too.  For AI Builder, that has been in Preview which means it is open to everyone to experiment with.  But as AI Builder components get released to General Availability you will need Power Apps licenses to access it.  That is Microsoft's hook, they allow you to test out and experiment with new stuff for free while it is still in a Preview state, you fall in love with it and then when they officially release it you need to pay for a license.  I don't disagree with this approach but it does confuse people into thinking that the software is free.


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So I just paid $40/month for a P2 (yes, my tenant is still on the olde P1/P2 pattern). This gave me 10GB of capacity, took a few minutes (received the "not enough capacity error..."), then I was able to create another Prod Env.


Note: I tried to get away with a P1, but that only gave me 1GB. Two P1's did NOT give me more capacity.


Note2: I couldnt find the mythical "CDS Capacity Add-ons" option anywhere. There does not seem to be a place to just buy CDS capacity.


Update on my side: Also signed up for a premium trial license (per user), and I got 10 GB immediately. It just seems like there is no CDS capacity available from scratch when a new tenant has been set up, without any Power Platform premium licensing available.


@seadude: Apparently you can buy additional capacity in the O365 Admin Center:


Crazy. Thats not only buried under Office365 Admin AND "Other Services", but its literally not documented anywhere that I could find. There are two new Licensing Guides (2020 Dynamics, 2020 PowerPlatform) and neither of them pointed me to this location.

Thanks for tracking this down!

Looks like MS were a little slow with the documentation:


What's not helping me, is that existing customers are not supposed to be impacted by the licensing change until renewal....

But that doesn't appear to be the case.


I have a test O365 tenant (from my My Visual Studio subscription - the old MSDN), which has a variety of D365, O365, Power App and Power Automate licenses attached to it, but I still have 0 storage allocated...

Because most of it was set up before this new restriction, I've got 2gig worth allocated, but I can no longer create new environments.


Anyone else getting stuck by this?


I even kicked off some new Power App trials, but even they haven't increased the storage allocation.

@Craig_Humphrey ,
I had to officially add a PowerApps P2 license to my O365 tenant to get the additional capacity even though I too am not up for renewal for ~6months.


I now have a P1, P2 and two O365 Business Premium licenses which gives me ~10GB of CDS capacity...



I invest almost $60/month + my Azure costs ($~40/month) to be a developer and build my PowerPlatform skills.

Where's a "thumbs down" when you need it 😞

Yes, I have the same problem.

No capacity available instead of licenses "power apps plan 2 trial" and "power apps per user plan" associated to users on my tenant.

FYI I opened a support case with MS around this, based on a trial tenant.

Turns out trial Power App/Power Automate licenses don't contribute to your storage...


I've also pointed out that we've got the same issue in our company production tenant, which has non-trial licenses (thanks to our Microsoft Partner internal user rights)... so we'll see where that goes...


This is such a pain!

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So we have been thinking about getting started with powerapps governance. In this process we wanted to create new environments for users and rename current default environment. When I went to power platform admin center, I was receiving the below error when tried to create environment. We have all the licences in place, we are using microsoft 365 E3 and we also had F3 licences. I was not able to figure out the issue.
I have also tried in my trial E5 subscription and it was giving same error.
Now I went to google and researched, it says that there are two types of capacity one is legacy and other one is new capacity licences. According to Microsoft before April 2019, will be legacy.
One thing I understood was that we need to have an add on regardless of licence we have and regardless of how much data we have when the default environment is created.
In my trail there were no powerapps created in the environments.
Our goal was to start with just Sharepoint as backend and we didn't need any CDS database, I am also selecting not to create database when creating environment.
Finally, we ended up buying CDS capacity add on for 10GB. Once you buy this a new Add-On tab will get added to the power platform admin center > Capacity(under statistics)
Once we have add-on, we can allocate according to our need the capacity for each environment. 
Please let me know if this is expected behavior?

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