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Unable to Create New Prod Env: "At least 1GB capacity required" ?

I'm the GA for my tenant. Never had an issue creating environments before today. Only able to create Trial environment. Each time I try to create a Production env, I get the following error.
How do I troubleshoot this?

Thank you!


That sounds right.


O365 licences don't include any CDS capability or capacity, nor do they allow you to create additional environments, even trials, this is true for both the old and the new (capacity based) licensing.


Until recently only (non-trial) Power Apps (and Power Automate and some Dynamics 365) licenses included CDS capability and capacity.

But there are now CDS capacity specific licenses and the likes of Power Virtual Agent licensing, which include CDS capability and capacity.


There's more detail HERE


this is correct--you are over your storage capacity and will need to clear up or add more storage before you can add more envirnoments. 

Microsoft currently doe not charge for overages, but they will soon

Today we had a discussion with MS team. They suggested to start with per user plan rather than buying Add-on. They said that some technical issues may arise buying CDS capacity add-on before having atleast one $40 per user plan which gives us 10GB default space. 

Unless we use premium features in Apps, any apps that we create in the environments can be consumed with just the basic seeded licenses which are standard and come with M365 E3, E5 or O365 E3.

Hope this helps!

Regular Visitor

Facing an issue "your organization (tenant) is over capacity", but in console, their is empty file and logs. If files and logs are empty then how is it possible to showing Database storage is over capacity.

Kindly help me out to solve this issue, Please find an attachment for reference.


Welcome to the default.

You have no capacity allocated at all, presumably because you have no Power Apps/Automate Premium licenses, or any Dynamics 365 licenses. 

Your default environment already uses 1Gig, so you're already over your allocation.

You should be able to create Trial environments, but they will only last for 30 days.

You should be able to request the new Developer license, but this is only for non-production work.


Hope that helps.


Hi @HSheild 


I am getting regular warning email for Out of Database capacity in Powerapps .


E3 : 15 license

Powerapps : more than 10 canvas app using sharepoint as datasource


I was trying to create sandbox development environment in powerapps admin center , it failed and below mentioned messages is shown.

"This environment can't be created because your org (tenant) needs at least 1 GB of database capacity."

When I checked the database capacity it shows zero  for default environment also.


Could you please explain why it shows zero database even for default environment.

powerapps database.png


We only have 1 user who develops powerapps and all other users just use it .

Do we require any powerapps Premium license for developer other than Office E3 license.

Could you please explain the license we require ?

Hi @SalmanShafi ,


That's correct - each environment requires 1GB of Dataverse capacity regardless of whether all apps are using a standard connector or not unfortunately.


There are two ways of purchasing the capacity through the M365 Admin centre:


1) Purchase just the Add-on


2)  Purchase a user licence (either per app per user or per user) which will automatically grant you additional capacity. Please note that per app licence (which is $5 per month) must be assigned to a specific environment so you will only be able to create one additional environment with this licence.




Most businesses tend to go with option 2 simply because it's cheaper if you are only planning to continue using standard connectors such as SharePoint etc.


Hope this helps 😊

I suggest you get your Power Apps developer to sign up for the new'ish Developer license, it's free and allows them to create a new separate environment which has full (premium connectors) capability, but can not be used for production.


Have a look HERE.

Hi @SalmanShafi ,


You cannot create a new sandbox or production environment if you don't have at least 1GB of available database capacity.  The E3 licenses that you have do not come with database capacity so that is why you see 0 as the capacity available.   


To be able to create a new sandbox environment you need to have a premium Power Apps license that will give you over 2GB of capacity (since you have used just over 1GB already).  I recommend that you purchase a Power Apps per User license as the first of these licenses automatically adds 10GB database capacity to your tenant.  Compare this to a Power Apps per App license which only comes with 50MB of database capacity.


If license cost is an issue then you could look at getting a Developer environment instead. 


Thanks for the reply - to summarise to see if I'm correct in what I'm reading.


You can't create a Sandbox or additional Production environment, even if you don't intend adding CDS support to those new environments, unless you have an additional licence? That licence can be a Power Apps per User or Power Apps per App licence but you must have one or the other.


If you go with the Power Apps per User licence, does everyone who wants to use apps in that environment need that licence or is it just the environment maker?






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