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Unable to Delete an Error Environment

Hello support,


We have a Sandbox environment in the PowerApps admin center that has an error across the top:


When I hit the 'Delete' button, it throws an error saying 'Something went wrong when trying to check if this envrionment can be deleted. Please try again.'. Can you please help? Thank you!


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @QuartechAdmin ,

Which type of environment is your Sandbox Environment? A Trial environment or Production environment?

Do you mean that the environment could not be deleted from your PowerApps?


I have made a test on my side, and don't have the issue that you mentioned. Please consider take a try to clear cache of your browser, then try it again, check if the environment could be deleted.


In addition, you could also consider take a try to use PowerShell cmdlet command to delete your PowerApps environment.

More details about PowerShell cmdlets supported for PowerApps, please check the following article or blog:

Firstly, on your side, you should import the necessary modules using Windows PowerShell in your PC. Then run the following cmdlet command:

Remove-AdminPowerAppEnvironment –EnvironmentName ‘The unique identifier of your Environment

Note: The example of the unique identifier of your Environment as 'a431d400-aab2-49bb-beb6-5bf58a97190b'.

In order to get the unique identifier of your Environment, you could open the Environment within your PowerApps Admin Center, then you could get the unique identifier as below:2.JPG

On your side, please execute the following cmdlet command:

Remove-AdminPowerAppEnvironment –EnvironmentName ‘a431d400-aab2-49bb-beb6-5bf58a97190b


If the issue still exists, please consider take a try to submit an assisted support ticket through the following link:


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Thank you Kris! I will ensure to try those steps you've provided.

I think my issue is that when I open the environment, I can already see an error message across the top. I had no issue removing an environment earlier when this error was not present. I will try the steps you've provided and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the help!



Hi Kris. Thanks for the input.


We will try the powershell route, see how it works. I am not that hopeful though as additional investigation about the issue found that when the delete operation fails, the browser gets a response with the following message in it.


{"error":{"code":"EnvironmentNotFound","message":"The environment 'b162cae9-221c-40ce-96f7-c61f0cba198e' could not be found in the tenant '8d981e31-8642-4ee1-aa96-3f75071482c2'."}}


It appears that for some weird reason the cds environment appears as within our tenancy when we login to but it is not recognized as belonging to it when the browser requests it to be deleted.


Note also that when we open the environment in, right away, even before trying to run a delete, we read the following error message:


The application package 'CDSManagement' failed to install on instance '04e16a13-33af-4c10-a66d-267edf7bcfc9'


Again, this is odd because 04e16a13-33af-4c10-a66d-267edf7bcfc9 is not the same environment (which is b162cae9-221c-40ce-96f7-c61f0cba198e) and it is none of our environments  in the same tenancy.


We appreciate any further input that the anyone may have about it.




Roque Daudt

Frequent Visitor

Just an update: we gave a shot at using Powershell to do this but the results were the same. When requesting a list of environments we see the one that we want to delete but when running Remove-AdminPowerAppEnvironment the environment is not found. There is some deep misconfiguration somewhere.


Unless anyone else has any other idea, I think this is a case for MS support.


Thanks for your help.


Roque Dadt

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