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approval email notification

Is there a way to modify the Meeting Capture email that goes out to the meeting participants?

Is there a way to specify who attended the Meeting, versus everyone who was invited?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @AimsterKP,


Are you talking about the new Office 365 Template App?

New Office Templates: Meeting Capture, QuickTask, and Company Pulse


I will take some research and share the results later.




Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
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Yes, I'm talking about the new template app, Meeting Capture.  After the meeting is done, you have the option to have the notes emailed to the invitees, link any action item to Planner, and update to a OneNote Notebook.  I would like to modify the email that comes from that, so that the notes come first and then the Meeting Details are at the bottom.  We typically have more that the agenda in the Meeting Details, so it looks "messy" with the Skype meeting details and/or if there is a email thread attached to the invitation (sharing the background and purpose of the meeting).


Also, it doesn't appear that there is a way to specify who attended, so it just shows that everyone attended. My work around is just to note in the notes who attended or not. This work around is fine for this small meeting, but for a larger meeting, not so much. Trying to get to a paperless meeting mode and this will be one barrier, that if fixed, will get me one step closer to that.

Hi AimsterKP,


Regarding the piece about marking attendance for the meeting. Yes this is possible. At a high level there's roughly 3 steps involved:

  1. Modify the MeetingAttendees collection to have an additional column called "Attended". This field will allow you to mark the attendance of people at the meeting.
  2. Add a control that allows you to mark a person's attendance.
  3. Update the email to show the attendance of each invitee.

I made this change working with the latest version of the Meeting Capture app, I recommend redownloading it as you follow along so we're on the same page:


  1. Adding the Attended field
    1. Go to the HomePopUpsScreen page and select it's OnVisible property
      1. In the line just before the line that says Set(Loading, false), add this line:
        ClearCollect(MeetingAttendeesAttendance, AddColumns(MeetingAttendees, "Attended", false));
        This is a collection to track the attendance for MeetingAttendees. Initially, everyone is assumed to have not attended, so it is set to false.
  2. Adding the control to mark attendance
    1. Go to the HomeScreen > HomeAttendees > AttendeesGallery1 and insert a Checkbox control into it. Style it as you see fit. (You'll likely need to make the TemplateSize of the gallery larger)
    2. Modify these properties of the Checkbox as follows:
      1. (optional) Text: "Attended?"
      2. OnCheck: 
        Patch(MeetingAttendeesAttendance, LookUp(MeetingAttendeesAttendance, Id = ThisItem.Id), {Attended: true})
        • When the Checkbox is selected, set the Attended field for that attendee to true in the MeetingAttendeesAttendance collection
      3. OnUncheck:
        Patch(MeetingAttendeesAttendance, LookUp(MeetingAttendeesAttendance, Id = ThisItem.Id), {Attended: false})
        • When the Checkbox is unselected, set the Attended field for that attendee to false in the MeetingAttendeesAttendance collection
  3. Go to the ConfirmScreen > OnVisible property.
    • Find the line that says:
      {Field: "{1}", Data: Concat(GroupBy(ForAll(MeetingAttendees,Collect(Indexes, {Index:Last(Indexes).Index + 1});
      and change MeetingAttendees in the ForAll statement to say MeetingAttendeesAttendanceHere, all you're doing is changing the collection the Email template is referencing to generate the use names from the MeetingAttendees collection to the MeetingAttendeesAttendance collection. This is so we can have access to the Attended field in the email.
    • Find the line that says: 
      {Page:RoundDown(Last(Indexes).Index / 3,0),Id:Id, DisplayName: DisplayName, JobTitle:JobTitle}
      and replace that section to say:
      {Page:RoundDown(Last(Indexes).Index / 3,0),Id:Id, DisplayName: DisplayName, JobTitle:JobTitle, Attended: Attended}
      Here, you're adding the Attended field so it can be referenced by the HTML.
    • Find the line that says:
       Concat(Attendees,"<td class='user-name' width='221'>" & DisplayName & "</td>")
      and replace that section to say:
      Concat(Attendees,"<td class='user-name' width='221'>" & DisplayName & If(Attended, "(Y)", "(N)") & "</td>")
      Here you're inserting the Attended field into the HTML as a (Y) or a (N) next to the person's display name to indicate whether you marked them as attended or not.



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