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creating environment and using connector



I have created a new environment and within this, I cannot connect to mySQL database, however, in my original environment (plans: 365, community), there is not such issue.


Thanks in advanced


Hello @jon00320.

The "Power Apps for Office 365 plan" will not allow you to use premium connectors.

I''m 99% sure this is what's happened. The environment that is allowing you to use the mySQL connector is the "development" environment, so you can use the premium connectors.

Then, when you've created another environment it will use your "Power Apps for Office 365" which doesn't allow premium connectors. as the "Community Plan" license only goes against a single environment and not across all environments.




PS. Regarding what the licenses are associated with, the Community Plan will be against the development environment. All other environments will be against your "Power Apps for Office 365" plan. So if you were to create another environment you still wouldn't be able to use premium connectors. 


Thanks for the reponse,  when creating a new app in the supposed "developing" environment and adding a "gallery" in order to obtain some data from a table, I can see the table information and columns, but it does not "refresh" de information from that table. Not sure if this has something to do with permissions and the plans associated with the environments.




Hello @jon00320,

Sorry, I'm going to have to pass on that question. I'm no canvas app expert, and I've never used the mySQL connector.

This is probably more of a canvas app question, rather than licensing. There might just be some functionality that refreshes the data that isn't being used. 

But as I said, I'm no expert. I'll forward this thread to my colleague and if he knows, he's much better with canvas apps than I, I'll get him to reply. 

Thanks very much,



@GarryPope , if you are using a data gateway then you need to make sure the gateway is in the same environment of the App and/or Flow. Data Gateways belong to an environment and can only work with Apps and Flows in that environment. So if you spun up a new environment and you are trying to use an existing Data Gateway then it isn't going to work because your existing Data Gateway belongs to a different environment.

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thanks for the response, do you know how to check to which environment belongs a gateway?, I can see both gateways I have created under the corresponding section in this environment (developer) but not sure if it belongs to other one (corporate 365plan) that is avaible for me at the same time.



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