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3rd Level Nested Gallery

I can able to create Gallery inside a Gallery, but I am not able to create 3 levels of galleries. How can i approach it ? Whenver I tried to insert a gallery inside a gallery 2, its reflecting into Active Screen.

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I would like to create a hierarchical nested menu using nested galleries but need to nest more than two deep.

Advocate I

Multi-level nested galleries would even up to three levels would be great to have for creating multiple hierarchically linked items, using galleries.

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Same here, this would really help. My simple use case for creating a help/FAQ pane is this:

  • Gallery level one: Help type (i.e. either "Definitions", "FAQs"...)
  • Gallery level two: Field / Title
  • Gallery level three: Description

(plus, bonus would be simple expand/collapse functionality)


As a compromise, I now have a definitions gallery containing levels one and two, and then a separate FAQ gallery containing levels one and two as well - not a great user experience.

Regular Visitor

We have a need to deliver a multi-tiered menu system that is more than 2 levels deep.

Advocate III

PLEASE make it possible to nest more than two-tier galleries! Not having at least the ability to make a third is massively limiting as business scenarios are typically far more nuanced than can be supported with just two levels of galleries. It's really surprising that this ask has been out there since 2019 but still no movement.