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3rd Level Nested Gallery

I can able to create Gallery inside a Gallery, but I am not able to create 3 levels of galleries. How can i approach it ? Whenver I tried to insert a gallery inside a gallery 2, its reflecting into Active Screen.

Status: New
Impactful Individual

I would like to create a hierarchical nested menu using nested galleries but need to nest more than two deep.

Advocate I

Multi-level nested galleries would even up to three levels would be great to have for creating multiple hierarchically linked items, using galleries.

Advocate I

Same here, this would really help. My simple use case for creating a help/FAQ pane is this:

  • Gallery level one: Help type (i.e. either "Definitions", "FAQs"...)
  • Gallery level two: Field / Title
  • Gallery level three: Description

(plus, bonus would be simple expand/collapse functionality)


As a compromise, I now have a definitions gallery containing levels one and two, and then a separate FAQ gallery containing levels one and two as well - not a great user experience.

Regular Visitor

We have a need to deliver a multi-tiered menu system that is more than 2 levels deep.