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500 Records limitation! Please fix it!

Please fix this problem or tell me a solution.
Is it so hard to do for you?

I have a search textbox in which i write the article number. 
My Sharepoint list has 670 items. The last 160 are not shown in the gallery. 


Here is my code:

Search(ERSATZTEILELISTE; txbSearch.Text;"Articlenumer")


Is there any way to work around? 

Status: New
Power Apps

You can increase this limit (to up to 2000) on the App Settings, experimental features, for your app:


Helper IV

it's a great this option to be flexible but it's still not enough because many organizations working with tons of rows I have some SP list contain more than 5000 rows!

and I can't filler them all and until now I don't know how to work on it in PowerApps 

Advocate I
Meanwhile I have the same problem. My list grew to almost 3500 items and its impossible to filter.
So we have to develop our app in another language now.

Very sad Microsoft! 😞