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A Control element that returns X and Y coordinates of touch or mouse click

The control could be an existing control (image, canvas, card, ...) or a new control that is transparent and intercepts the click or touch event (pen?) and provides the coordinates of the click with respect to the top-left corner of the control's visual.




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Good idea. Maybe this could simply be a signal:

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 Yes, and fully featured too e.g. a signal where the hover or click x, y location is transmitted, naming the control on which it is, the relative x, y on that control as well as absolute on that screen, a payload of helpful stuff, etc. etc.


Just nick the fully featured functionality from someone else's product - you normally do MS.

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Still not possible?


I could really use this.............

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Perhaps the new PCF JavaScript control development in canvas apps will provide a solution to this?  If this framework has access to the browser environment to get a click x, y location inside the developed control, or something like that?

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Still needing this to migrate my company apps from Appsheet to PowerApps, I can't use PA now because of the lack of location in indoor multi level plants.