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A must, not just an idea: Reconsider Model-Driven Pricing Plan

Hi I want to make a noise about Model-Driven Apps pricing. While it is included in Plan P2 for developers, the USE of model driven apps should not be ALSO priced at an extra USD 40.0 per user, this is really unfair.


P2 should cover that P2 users can develop model driven apps while P1 should allow users to use model driven apps.


If you watch comments on your different YouTube channel, twitter etc, you will realize that model driven apps are dead on arrival, because of this unfair pricing.


PLease think of that when it is priced fairly, more users will attend CDS, and I promise to be marketing it for free.


I intend to make a noise in many places until my voice is heard and until Microsoft decide grants us this 'gift'.


Please support this idea.



Status: Declined

We are continuing to take feedback, and hopefully you've seen we have made revisions to our pricing model to allow model driven apps to be used with a per app license. While this isnt your intial request (so I won't update this status to Completed) it does make model driven apps available to users at $10/User/App/Month. We still do not want to differentiate and charge Makers more, so they do not require an elevated license to create model driven apps. 


You can read more about it here :

Kudo Kingpin

I am GLAD it took Microsoft 2 years to realize that I was right..

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