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AI Builder Form Processing model training with documents containing more than 8 pages falls into error


Even when respecting the knonw limits of 500 Pages and 50 MB, the Form Processing model training falls into error if we use documents with more than 8 pages. It works fine for 8 pages or less.

In our case, we needs to analyse documents up to 40 pages , all the pages respect the same layout.

We would appreciate if you can improuve the model training in order to make it possible within the limits of 500 pages and 50MB.

For more information, check the incident raised for the support previously: 120070225003319

I have also attached a sample document.



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Hi @SoufianeE, thanks for posting this idea. 


Looking at your document, it looks like each page is a different "bon de commande". You need to process each "bon de commande" separately. AI Builder will only extract fields and tables from the first one if you have multiple in the document, therefore each "bon de commande" needs to be in a separate document.