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AI Builder - Forms Processing support for Word documents

Add support for Word documents to the forms processing input. PDF's are supported so seems a logical step to allow Word documents also.

Status: New
Power Apps

Thanks @robboyers1 for suggesting this idea. What type of document you would receive in Word format that you would like to use in Form Processing?

Advocate I

Wherever you have a published template that you circulate to your customers/suppliers/employees and expect them to fill it in before sending back to you. 


A few use cases spring to mind. Let's say I'm a recruiter and receive a CV from a client who uses a template. I could use this to pull out different parts of the CV in to structured data.


Another one, I could have a 'custom order' form for special requests that I give to a customer. They fill it in & send back. 


An internal use case, lets say there's a certain word template used to produce documents which are then saved to SharePoint. I may be interested in taking those particular documents when they get saved/updated in sharepoint and pull out the structured data.

Power Apps

Thanks for the feedback. We acknowledge this ask and we will consider it for a future update if we continue to see interest for this feature.

In the meantime, one way to convert Word documents to PDF is by using the Convert file action on the OneDrive connector.