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AI Builder - Forms Processing support for Word documents

Add support for Word documents to the forms processing input. PDF's are supported so seems a logical step to allow Word documents also.

Status: New
Power Apps

Thanks @robboyers1 for suggesting this idea. What type of document you would receive in Word format that you would like to use in Form Processing?

Regular Visitor

Wherever you have a published template that you circulate to your customers/suppliers/employees and expect them to fill it in before sending back to you. 


A few use cases spring to mind. Let's say I'm a recruiter and receive a CV from a client who uses a template. I could use this to pull out different parts of the CV in to structured data.


Another one, I could have a 'custom order' form for special requests that I give to a customer. They fill it in & send back. 


An internal use case, lets say there's a certain word template used to produce documents which are then saved to SharePoint. I may be interested in taking those particular documents when they get saved/updated in sharepoint and pull out the structured data.