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AI Builder Forms processing with Multiple pages PDF

AI Builder Forms processing currently does not support multiple pages of PDF. It only picks up fields and tables in the first page.

Please improve it so that its able to pick up at minimum, tables over multiple PDF pages.

Status: New
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Hi @Rayson79,


Thanks for posting this idea. Today when you are training a Form Processing model you can tag fields and tables in more than one page. In the case of tables however today you can't specify that a table can continue beyond one page. If you train with documents that have tables across multiple pages, what you can do is tag the table in each page as a different table - you will need to define a table per page. 

Hope this helps. Feel free to provide additional info where this is not currently working for you. 

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@Rayson79  and @JoeF-MSFT  I can confirm that using a table per page is indeed working but can become tedious depending on how many pages a tables spans over, hence why it would still be great if the form processing model could recognise a table across multiple pages. 

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Totally agree with @HarmVan. This tool needs to do better at picking up multiple pages intuitively. It's a basic feature of most OCR tools out in the market. @JoeF-MSFT Can we please add this as a feature?

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Thanks @Rayson79@HarmVan for the comments. The ability to specify that a table spans across multiple pages is indeed in our roadmap. 🙂

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Great to hear! Thanks @JoeF-MSFT. Please keep us updated. 

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That's great to hear @JoeF-MSFT do you have any time line for it so we can keep that in mind?