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ALM and DevOps support for PowerApps Portals

Dynamics 365 portals currently have no strategy to check any Pages/Templates/Files into source control. With PowerApps Portals arriving soon, it would be great to be able to create a portal in one environment and be able to check those changes into source control, then from source control, be deployed to another environment using AzureDevOps.


I think there are 3 parts to this:

  1. Allow developers to make changes in Visual Studio and easily deploy those changes to their dev environment.
  2. Check in code changes as HTML/Liquid/CSS/Java (or some equivalent) into source control
  3. Provide the ability to build and deploy these files to different environments from AzureDevOps or PowerShell

The current method has too much manual intervention as the Configuration Migration utility does not support command line.


One thing that I think could be done relatively easily would be to release a CLI version of the configuration migration utility (or better yet, open source it)

Status: New