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ALM for PowerApps DataFlows

We need an ALM process for Dataflows. When number of dataflows for custom CDS entities grows, it is a nightmare to replicate them for various environments. We would like to replicate the dataflows from lower environments to higher. an ability to export and import like for Data connections and Microsoft flow.

Status: New
Power Apps

Hi @KunalKochhar1, Dataflow Solution awareness is coming soon and will allow you to replicate dataflows across environments. 


Stay tuned to our Dataflows feature announcements for availability of this feature.




Advocate I

I'm trying to import a solution (managed/unmanaged) containing 26 dataflows, the import process fails every time I try. I think the problem is because each dataflow takes too long to publish in the target environment causing the import process to timeout. I'm kind of stuck now. I may need to deploy each of them separately or recreate them in the target environment.


It would be great if this is addressed in the future.