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API or CmdLets for programmatically retrieving analytics from Power Platform admin center

We'd love to see more support for an official API or CmdLets that allows admins to programmatically retrieve the analytics that are visible in the Power Platform admin center.


When covering a large number of environments and tenants it's very cumbersome to view the analytics for each individual environment in each tenant, the ability to access these programmatically would be a vast improvement of the current situation.


Insights like:

  1. Operations per user
  2. Operations per entity
  3. Active users over time
  4. Total operations
  5. Storage insights per environment, per storage type
  6. Storage insights per entity
  7. API errors
  8. Workflow errors (incl. pass rate)
  9. Plugin failures
  10. Mode of access
Status: New
New Member

An API to query storage would be truly helpful! Especially the size of the entities and storage remaining.