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API to refresh dataflows in Power Apps

Currently we need to manually refresh a dataflow or set it for a scheduled refresh.


However, it would be great if we can do so via a Rest API. By that we can programatically make an HTTP post request to invoke the API for the dataflow refresh


The similar functionality is available for Power BI dataflows :


It would be great to have the same feature for Power Apps dataflows as well.




Status: New
Advocate IV



Or maybe at least include a Refresh Dataflow action in the CDS connector for Power Automate.  This way we could create a Flow to refresh dataflows on demand.




Advocate I

This would be extremely useful. I need to be able to refresh a custom dataflow from an external application when content is updated. Sending an API request would do just the trick. I'm stuck in the scenario where data is updated in the external system very infrequently, so a fast refresh rate doesn't make sense. But when data is updated, it needs to be synced with dataverse through my dataflow quickly. Currently it seems there is no way to programmatically invoke a refresh based on an event.