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AT&T API Marketplace connector


I have been trying to write a custom connector for the AT&T API for telephony and messaging (similar to the existing Nexmo connector). I am having no luck despite following the developer documentation here: & because I've not done much coding since college aside from VB, ASP(.net) and windows/powershell scripting.


I have already submitted a request to AT&T whether they would consider developing an official connector and got no response so wondering about coming from the MS side for development of a connector.




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reply received from AT&T. No help there.....


From: Marketplace <>
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2020 11:11
To: Byrn, Michael
Subject: RE: Support ticket - official connector for the Microsoft PowerApps/PowerAutomate ecosystem



Thank you for contacting AT&T. Unfortunately, this is not on our Roadmap yet.

If anything changes, we will let you know.

Thank you for choosing AT&T.