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Ability to Lock-in-place X and Y coords for all controls/input boxes/buttons/icons when in edit mode

Would like to have the ability to LOCK X and Y coords of all controls/input boxes/buttons and icons when in edit mode to prevent from 'accidental' movement. Myself and my team have had countless situtations working on multiple monitors where clicking back in to the PowerApps studio will slightly move a label, button, icon etc.


A simple "Lock-All" checkbox as well as the granular approach of being able to lock individual components within the Tree View so that once they are set in their "Pixel Perfect" location, they will stay there for good. 

Status: New
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This would be a huge time saver. In my current app, I have multiple screens with similar formatting and it is really easy to accidentally move something out of position.

Another idea would be to have a slight delay in the time you click on an item and when it is able to move. The user would ideally be able to toggle this delay on and off or even set the time.

Advocate I
I, too, have experienced the inadvertent nudge of a control. The CTRL+Z works, but I don't always notice the nudge right away and discover it after the number of undo's is past the limit. I vote for this!