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Ability to add comments to code

Please add the ability to add comments to code by // or whatever other convention, please.

This is essential and should not be difficult.


@ManishM and @CarlosFigueira should be interested in this following this post.

Status: Completed

See the blog post here: for details on how to use this.

Community Champion

+1 Also, since PowerApps can handle SVG images which involve dense encoded formulas, commenting on each part can help PowerApps developers implement them more easily.


See tutorial:


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I'd love to be able to comment within a formula. Not just to write a comment, but to be able to disable a part or a line of code.

When I want to edit complex formulas, I take screenshots or copy the original to Notepad before I start editing.

With comments I could leave a duplicate as a comment next to the formula before editing.



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If not to comment inside item boxes maybe a notes box similar to what powerpoint has with a notes section at the bottom of each slide/screen.

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Code need to open a new Editor Window anyhow. The Excel-like toolbar is not helpful.

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Maybe a new function--think Excel already has an N function that does this?  This approach would be perfectly consistent with the function-based paradigm of PowerApps.

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And I agree that the new Editor Window would be VERY appreciated--so many powerusers have very complex formulas now, and both the Excel-like toolbar AND the Advanced property textbox no longer satisfy our needs.

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This is a must have feature! I have been working with PowerApps for about 2 months and have some very long, complicated code that I can barely read a week after I wrote it. I need to be able to comment and tell the future app maintainer what I am thinking as I write this code.

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Is this really not being considered? Smiley Indifferent

Code comments are a must have when it comes to more complicated app that do a lot of routing and checks leading to complicated formulas....yes everything makes sense when you first build the app, but coming back to it after months - nothing makes sense anymore.
It's somewhat a shame that other things like adding icons took priority in front of other pieces of functionalities requested here...

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I am working on apps to teach others how to build apps and commenting code would greatly help me achieve this.

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This is a great idea, though I think it challenges the "no code" fallicy of Powerapps, as anyone who has made a Powerapp that is more than a toy knows you pretty much need to write heaps of code to get it to work.