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Ability to change control, label or icon layer (Z level)

I could not find an idea/support item that matched, appologies if this has already been suggested.


Having the ability to change the layering of all my controls, labels & icons would be useful (like using the z-index in CSS). I find myself rethinking how I want my applicaiton to look, only to find out I must remove previously added content and then readd it in a different order. 


To make my comment understandable, here is an example:


Let's say I want to add three coloured squares, icon1, icon2, icon3. The way that PowerApps seems to handle these in terms of z-index is the following:

example1.PNGicon1 = z-index:1

icon2 = z-index:2

icon3 = z-index:3




example2.PNG Now I want to add a icon4 (yellow triangle), by default it we be placed on z-index:4 on top of icon3 (blue square). Great, but I want the new icon to sit on top of icon1 (red square). I cannot reorder the layer at which these icons sit unless I deleted them all and add them in the order that I want.

Having a Z level option for all items would be useful.

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This would be super useful, if you right click a screen there is the option to move the view up and down in the layer tree, even something like this would be awesome for layers, as it is currently in the order you place the items, when developing the app structure then making it pretty later it is rather annoying

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Does this not do the trick?



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Thanks! That was exactly what I was looking for. Using that feature does achieve the result I was looking for, altough having the ability drag items around on the "Screens" menu would also be helpful. Much like reordering DataCards in a Gallery.

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All controls/labels/etc should have a Z property so that it can be changed programatically

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This would be useful for components or other controls which change size and/or visibility. 


For  example, suppose I had a component which displayed a list of menu options when clicked on.  This needs to be on top when activated.  If I later add a new object in an area where the menu displays, this new object will be on top of the menu, and I might forget to bring the menu to the top.  It would be good if the menu could be programmed to bring itself to the top when it is activated.