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Ability to control the display of "Last Updated" for rollup field on Unified Interface (UCI)

Author Name: Akira Homma
Current Dynamics 365 (Online) Ver, on Web Client Interface, "Last Updated" is displayed when hovering the mouse over rollup field. But, on Unified Interface (UCI), "Last Updated" is automatically displayed under the rollup field. This behavior is not desirable for all users. Because of the displayed "Last Updated", the field position for form needs to be reviewed. It would be great if "Last Updated" displayed under the rollup field on UCI form is controlled by option.
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This is something that makes the UI unusable in some areas. I have a set of rollup fields on an opportunity that show the rollup of forecasted values against that opportunity. Users want to be able to view the manually entered "opportunity value" vs the rollup fields of the forecasting. It's unreadable within 5 fields because you can't match them up.


I'm having to switch to using a 3rd party workflow to calculate the rollups in workflow so I can just enter them in a simple field. 


Really frustrating design choice here Microsoft!

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This is the only spot that an Internet search leads to for this topic. Other than replacing the OOB calculated fields with something custom, is there any other solution to this? I am converting a customer to UI and they have about 20 calculated fields on their main entity form. It is quite cluttered now with all the "Last Updated" labels being added.




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Still no updates about this one?

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The display of rollup field in UCI takes too much space and is often decreasing the user experience instead of augmenting it. This small change would have a big impact on  the UX in soo many situations


It has been over 2 year sice that idea have been created any update?

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I agree; I hope Microsoft will make work of this to simply create a toggle in the form designer that allows us to hide this for rollup fields.

I created rollup fields to automatically fill in a date and it's very confusing for users to realize what that 'last updated' date is when they already see the date set by the rollup logic.

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The display of rollup field last updated takes up too much space and is often decreasing the user experience instead of augmenting it. This small change would have a big impact in many situations.

It has been over 3 years since created—any update?