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Ability to convert from phone layout to tablet layout

I would like to be able to convert an app from mobile layout to tablet layout. This is very important as having to create a second app adds more time to solution delivery. It was be great if we could just create either mobile or tablet app first then convert to the other, that would save a lot of time and effort.

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Any update on this? I have created a very complex application that took me a couple of months to create in Phone Layout and it would be great if I could switch that to Tablet mode instead of creating it from scratch.

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please..please create a direct feature for converting the layout from phone to tablet. thanks !

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@chass please help us 🙂

It doesn't make sense that projects cannot be converted from one layout to the other. In many scenarios, a project can evolve and is required to support multiple platforms. In the current situation, users are enforced to write the entire solution from scratch if they need to move on from one layout to another.


If you start with the Phone layout, and later want to support responsive canvas apps as published here, you reach a dead-end. Am I wrong?