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Ability to customize the Calendar Control v2

Hi, I would like the possibility to customize the Calendar Control found on a Model-Driven app.


  1. On the Calendar view, we would like the details of the record appearing when hovering (similar to Outlook functionality) instead of the need to click on the record.
  2. We want the possibility to edit the "More details" label, since working in multi-region environments, some countries may find the legend confusing, and we want to be able to change that label to what suits us best.omarsillerCB_0-1603480924286.png
  3. Custom mapping of fields (I.e. select custom fields that will appear in the pop-up). A similar function is present in Calendar Control v1.omarsillerCB_1-1603481006761.png



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Thanks for posting this Omar 

See also Calendar Control v2 enable configuration of Detailed Description, Color and User on the same topic

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@Anonymous would you be ok with editing your idea to include the below? Otherwise I can of course create a new idea, but it would make sense to combine these as they enhance the functionality of the Calendar Control. 


4. A new configuration entry in the control settings that defines whether the calendar opens in day/week/month view when initially loaded (currently it always loads in day mode, but for many use cases week or month mode is more applicable and currently the user has to change it manually every time)

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The behavior you'd like to have can be solved easily : users can modify their personal settings and choose the default view of the calendar :



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@slemale thank you for sharing. I didn't realize this setting is not just for the default calendar but literally all instances where I integrate the Calendar Control item. I will default all users to Month. 

I still think it would be nice for Microsoft to allow to define this on the control like follows because depending on the entity or use case, it makes sense to do it differently. (e.g. on a dashboard I might want to per default see my current day whereas on an Opportunity List I want to see the month calendar per default, etc.)


Calendar Default View:

   0 - Personal User Settings

   1 - Day

   2 - Month

   3 - Year