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Ability to deploy and run custom code in the portal

Author Name: Alan Mervitz

We need to be able to add custom code to the portal to build real-word applications. This was possible in the previous incarnation of Portals (Adxstudio Portals 7 and below), but CRM Portals 8 has removed this capability in the SaaS CRM Online only offering.

Being limited to building sites using only the configuration based features and Liquid capabilities is far too limiting and results in having to use Adxstudio Portals 7 to get the job done, and using Adxstudio Portals 7 is a problem because it isn't receiving regular bug fix releases anymore.

Status: Completed

Thank you for your suggestion.  This will provide a good solution for our customers until we have opened up supported configuration paths for these types of customization.



Shan McArthur

Level: Powered On

I see that the status is now "launched", is that as a result of the Open Source release?