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Ability to display alternate row colors within a gallery

One cool thing is include the ability to produce alternate colors on rows within a gallery to give more life to the UI. Just an idea

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Nice Idea. Maybe easy to achieve by adding a rownummer property to the Template of a gallery. In this way you can also do three colors or four colors, etc.

Level 8

Say odd numbers as grey and even numbers as light blue something like that.

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Till the time use this idea.

  1. Edit a gallery item row -> set the Gallery Template, Inserted Shape, or Any TextBox or Shape, to set the FILL or Colorwith: OR
  2. use "TemplateFill" of gallerytemplate 

and add:

If(Mod(Value(ThisItem.ID),2)=0, Color!Aqua, Color!AliceBlue)


Courtsey: @hpkeong@mr-dang@Audrie-MSFT

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I did one after following the steps shared above:


used the TemplateFill property of the gallery control

If((DateDiff(Now(),ExpirationDate) <= 3) And (DateDiff(Now(), ExpirationDate) >= 0) ,Color.Pink, (DateDiff(Now(),ExpirationDate) > 3) And (DateDiff(Now(),ExpirationDate) < 20) , RGBA(255, 255, 204,1),(DateDiff(Now(),ExpirationDate) > 20), Color.PaleTurquoise, (DateDiff(Now(), ExpirationDate) < 0), RGBA(192,192,192,1))
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This would be a great feature to have.


The workaround that dhawalseth posted doesn't work when you have filtered the gallery because you're going to be missing some IDs, so instead of a nice list going 1,2,3,4,5,6 - you get something going 1,2,3,5,7.8 - which means you're not going to get alternate row colors.

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Dear @seraph787,

I agree on the suggestion that RowId's don't work as we have to sort and filter. 


Just for a suggestion, I implemented it without "RowId's" i.e. based on "expiration date" in my case. Choose your case wisely.


Cheers, thank you for the feedback.


Level 8

The following blog post details a clever way of getting sequential row numbers.


This could be combined with the method above for alternate shaded rows.

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Thanks. Useful thread.

Done it by using a sequential number in data and applied Mod function with 2 to determine odd/even and applied different Template fill property for odd and even by an if condition.