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Ability to get the result of rollup field right after creating a record of other entity from sub-grid

Author Name: Takao Mizushima

The result of rollup field is not displayed right after creating a record of other entity from sub-grid.

We need to refresh the page several times, so that confirm calculated value.

The action is such a troublesome.

It would be much better if the result is displayed quickly.

  1. [Settings] - [Customizations], and create "A entity" and "B entity".
  2. On [Customize the System] setting, click [A entity] - [1:N relationships], set [1:N relationships] between [A entity] and [B entity].
  3. Insert [Sub-grid] on any pain of [A entity] and set values below.

   Name: Subgrid_C

   Record: Only Related Records

   Entity: B entity

   Default View: Default View


  1. Create [Rollup Field] on a form of [A entity], set values below, insert it on the form.

   Display Name: Rollup_CC

   Name: Rollup_CC

   Data Type: Currency

   Field Type: Rollup

   Precision: Currency Precision


   Click [Edit] and set values below.

   Source: A entity

   Use Hierarchy: No

   Related Entity: B entity

   Aggregation: SUM


  1. Insert the currency field on the form of [A entity].
  2. Create "D record" on [A entity].
  3. Create "E record" of [B entity] from sub-grid on [D record].
  4. Type certain number on the currency field and click [Save].
  5. Open [D record] and confirm no [Update] button (The Icon has two arrows).
  6. Click [Save] on [D record], but rollup doesn't function because the icon is not displayed.
  7. Click [F5] several times and the icon is displayed at last.
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