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Ability to import the data in xlsx file for Dynamics CRM Online Update 1

Author Name: RENA SATO

It requires a lot of steps to go through if you want to import the data in Dynamics CRM Online Update 1.

Currently, you must first 1. export the data in Excel
2. save the data in csv file
3. open the saved data in Memo pad
4. Save as file name and change the code to UTF-8 (otherwise you get the garbled texts!!)
5. then finally, you can import the data into Dynamics CRM Online

It would be a lot easier if users can import the data in xlsx file.

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The reason why I post a suggestion above is that we can import the data in xlsx for most of the times, but SOMETIMES it can't go successfully. But we have no idea what is the cause; there are no error codes generated, even the import status reason says 'Succeeded'. What is more strange, 'Total Processed', 'Parcial errors' and 'Errors' display Zero for each state. What does it mean? That is why we end up editing the data in CSV file, which is the only workaround so far. The content of the data seems no issue as we could import the same data in CSV. I strongly suggest Microsoft to look into this problem
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You can save data from Excel as a UTF-16 Text file.   This will import fine into CRM (it will be tab separated and not comma, so be sure to change that in the delimiter settings as you import).

But yes it would be nice to import just a regular XLSX without having to faff with templates.