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Ability to insert form header card and ability to re-arrange cards using drag and drop or arrow keys

Idea: Please add a form header card with option to add a brand logo, form header text, form/list item ID, and current logged in username placeholder(s).
An option to select all or multiple cards at a time.
Move cards with mouse pointer and arrow keys.


Current behavior: To add a company logo and form header on top of a SharePoint list form
SharePoint Online list > PowerApps>Customize form >

Insert label or Media > Image and it overlaps on existing columns.

On left: Screens >FormScreeb1 > SharePointForm1
On right: Properties > Size > Increase Height
On right: Layout > Click on Vertical (default)/Horizontal
Uncheck "Snap to columns"
Now I can move each card by changing it's Position > Y property on right.

Ctrl + A does not select all controls.

Selecting a data card and dragging with a mouse pointer or arrow keys does not work.

Is there an easy way to achieve this if not


Form width reset issue: (9/17/2018 4 PM EST)
Also if you increase the form width and select horizontal layout with two columns
On left: Screens >FormScreen1 > SharePointForm1
On right: Properties > Size > Increase Height say from 444 to 888. (also tried 1200)
I published my changes and opened the list item form.
The form view has a horizontal scrollbar and the formatting was not similar to preview.
I re-opened the form and the width was set back to 444.
Formatting of labels and controls was off and browser (IE 11 or Edge) zoom 50%, 100% or 125% had no effect.
Due to time constraints I am moving forward with whatever setting that will work.


Status: New