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Ability to move Formula bar

The ability to have the Formula bar moved to the side or top according to preference. Sometimes it would be useful to see the whole PowerApp while editing the Formula. Just to check that you have referenced the right control!

Status: New
Advocate II

The most frustrating thing about PowerApps is the limitations of pulling toolbars into place. The right-side properties pane is expandable, the left-side navigation pane is not, and the formula bar expands to cover everything you're working on. I find myself expanding and collapsing the formula bar constantly. Why can't it work like Excel so that when you drag it down the side panes and the app viewing area all make way for it? I'd leave the formula bar open with 5-10 lines showing all the time.

Kudo Collector

I've voted for this one, but I'd really prefer to be able to undock the various panes so I can put things on different monitors.  Foremost is the formula bar.  It's so critical to "dev" work in PApps studio but no matter what you do, it'll be in the way once your formulas are longer than one line. I'm looking for something like the way dev tools (aka F12) in Web browsers let you see the target of interest (i.e. the rendered Web page), but tweak the underlying "code."   With each window being as big as your monitor(s) will allow.

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This Idea post would probably meet this idea's goals:


It currently is Under Review and has 116 votes.  So it might be worth pointing people to that Idea instead, @DisappointmentB . E.g. like @Mike_Guzowski did in his similar idea.



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For the love of all that is holy yes